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Top 5 Most Instagrammable Places in Lisbon

The city of the seven hills is full of incredible experiences and memories that you can enjoy, but also of very Instagrammable places to immortalize every moment. Check out our Top 5 most Instagrammable places in Lisbon, lose yourself in the streets, admire the tiled facades and soak up the atmosphere full of Mediterranean charm and color.

In this article, we show you how a Moroccan riad located in an antique palace, Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood or a colorful street can be the ideal locations for your next Instagram photos.


Casa do Alentejo

Built in the 17th century, the Palácio Alverca is the home of Casa do Alentejo. Casa do Alentejo is dedicated to the culture and cuisine of Alentejo and contains an exquisite restaurant, a cheerful tavern, and a ballroom.

Its patio has a neo-Arab influence and is the perfect setting for your imaginary vacation in Marrakech or the ideal place to impress that friend on his first visit to Lisbon.

The neo-Arab ambiance of Casa do Alentejo was inherited from the modifications made by the Majestic Casino (probably the first casino in Lisbon), which opened there in 1918 in the then still Palácio Alverca. The arches, windows and tropical plants, which are the identity of any destination in North Africa, are the inspiration for photographs full of color and personality.

But besides the Moroccan style predominant in the patio area, the building also has rooms that look like something out of Versailles, others lined with old baroque tiles, a library, and a small stage.

The result: a house full of stories and architectural styles that you can explore for your best Instagram photo.


Location: Rua das Portas de Santo Antão Nº58 (Rossio/Restauradores)


Pink Street

Rua Cor de Rosa is probably one of the most instagrammable streets in Lisbon and its fame comes precisely from the color of its sidewalk: pink. Situated in Baixa, it is surrounded by bars and clubs, and over time it has become a place of partying and fun. However, despite being one of Lisbon’s nightlife centers, you can visit it quite peacefully during the day. Take advantage of the morning sun before the businesses open, to get your photo taken on Rua Cor de Rosa, with the bridge looming in the background view.


Location: Rua Nova do Carvalho (Baixa)


Lx Factory

Lx Factory was built in the 1840s and in its time was a textile factory, until it went out of business and its buildings were neglected in the city. In 2012 the factory took a new direction and several startups were installed there. Later came the galleries, restaurants, stores, and bars, to give life back to the abandoned buildings under the famous 25th of April Bridge.

The Ler Devagar bookstore is already very well known on Instagram, and you need to visit it for sure. However, every nook and cranny of Lx Factory is worth exploring because of all the graffiti and art installations throughout its walls.

You should also visit the rooftop for an amazing view over the city and, who knows, a nice sunset photo to update your networks.


Location: Rua Rodrigues Faria Nº103


Alfama District

Alfama is the most authentic, characteristic, and oldest neighborhood in Lisbon. Fado houses inhabit every corner of the district and graffiti adorns the walls of the cobblestone streets that lead to the Castle.

In the Alfama neighborhood, you can find several buildings such as the Lisbon Cathedral, the Casa dos Bicos or the Santa Luzia terrace. All of these places have a very romantic atmosphere, which becomes the perfect setting for photographers and tourists looking for sublime photos for their Instagram.


Location: Bairro de Alfama, Alfama


Elevador da Bica

The Bica elevator is the most iconic funicular in Lisbon. Its distinctive yellow color, combined with Lisbon’s narrow, steep streets filled with distinctive buildings, restaurants and stores, make this one of the most Portuguese shots you can find on Instagram!

This is one of the most popular funicular lines, connecting Rua de São Paulo in the Baixa neighborhood with Rua do Loreto in Bairro Alto.

But don’t be fooled, this is not the only elevator that runs through the streets of Lisbon. It is simply the most impressive because, despite the 250m of distance it travels, it is more famous for the people waiting for it on its way for a beautiful photo, than for the people that ride it.

Considering that the elevator only runs every 20 minutes, you will need some patience to take the perfect picture for Instagram, however, the result will be worth it!


Location: Rua de São Paulo Nº234


On your next visit don’t forget to remember our top 5 most instagrammable places in Lisbon, and stay at Hotel Portuense to be close to all the places you want to explore in the city center!