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5 fun activities to do in Lisbon

Lisbon is a vibrant city with exciting activities for all tastes to explore. If you’re a fan of adventure and adrenaline, you’re in the right place. In this article, we list 5 fun activities to do in Lisbon!


1. Visit the Frida Kahlo exhibition

Frida Kahlo is one of the most influential artists of all time, and her fascinating life has now turned into an immersive biography, “Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon“. This multimedia creation is a work of art that presents relevant moments of Kahlo’s life through historical photographs and original films wrapped in sound and artistic environments. The exhibition divides into two exciting moments. In the first part, visitors walk through various art installations, including a virtual reality experience, and also have the opportunity to create a personalized model of Frida. Next, visitors watch a 360-degree audiovisual show depicting unique moments from the artist’s journey.

Due to the intermittent light and sound effects, this exhibition isn’t suited for people with epilepsy. Immerse yourself in the story behind the icon and visit this exciting exhibition.


2. Push your limits at Adventure Park

If you love exciting activities, Adventure Park is the perfect choice for you. Located in a lush green area in Monsanto, this park offers several options for adventure activities for people of all ages. Here you can challenge yourself on a series of rope courses suspended in the air, testing your climbing and balancing skills, or experience the thrill of riding a high-speed slide. In addition, the park also offers a paintball field for those who want to test their skills in shooting and strategy in a challenging environment. The park staff is highly trained and dedicated to the safety of all visitors, and they provide all the necessary equipment so that everyone can have fun with peace of mind.

With a stunning natural environment and exciting activities, Adventure Park is a must-see destination for anyone looking for an adventure in Lisbon.


3. Experience an Escape Room

A fun and challenging way to spend time in Lisbon is to try one of the city’s many escape rooms. In these interactive games, the group is locked in a themed room and will have to work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape before time runs out. Each room has a different theme, from sci-fi adventures to horror, and the group can choose the level of difficulty they want to tackle. These games are an awesome activity for groups of friends, families, or co-workers, as they require teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. In addition, escape rooms in Lisbon are known for their high-quality design and production, ensuring an engaging and exciting experience.

So, if you like challenges and want to have fun differently in Lisbon, try one of the many escape rooms in the city and get ready for an unforgettable experience.


4. Take a HIPPOtrip

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to explore Lisbon? Then HIPPOtrip might be the perfect choice for you! This sightseeing tour combines a bus trip with a boat ride on an amphibious vehicle, so you can see the city from two different angles. During the land portion of the tour, you will pass by some of the main sights of the city, such as the Tower of Belem, the Jerónimos Monastery, and the Commerce Square, while your guide shares interesting information and stories about each of the sites. Next, the vehicle enters the Tagus River for the water portion of the tour, where you can enjoy incredible views of the city from the water.

The HIPPOtrip team is friendly and outgoing and will ensure a memorable experience throughout the visit. It is a great option for groups of friends, families, and couples and will certainly be one of the highlights of your trip to Lisbon.

5. Learn how to cook typical Portuguese dishes

If there is one thing that characterizes Portuguese culture, it is gastronomy. And in Lisbon, there are several options for travelers who wish to experience the local cuisine. By taking Portuguese food cooking classes, you can do this in a fun and entertaining way.

These classes are taught by experienced local chefs who will guide you through the secrets and techniques of Portuguese cuisine. Here you will learn how to cook traditional dishes like the famous Bacalhau à Brás and Sardinhas Assadas, among many others. The chefs will help you select the freshest and most typical ingredients of the country, explaining the history and origin of each one.

At the end of the class, you will taste the meal you prepared with the other participants and enjoy authentic and delicious Portuguese dishes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Portuguese cuisine in a different and fun way by learning how to cook typical dishes that will be part of your travel memories!


These are the 5 fun activities to do in Lisbon! This article makes it easy to understand why Lisbon is such a popular destination among travelers. Besides offering a rich history and a warm culture, the Portuguese capital has several activities for all tastes and ages.


We hope these suggestions have helped make your stay even more exciting and unforgettable. Make the most of your visit to Lisbon and feel at home at Hotel Portuense!