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Find unique gifts in Lisbon this Christmas

We’re a month away from Christmas and the city is lit up. The streets, shop windows, parks and coffee shops are an invitation to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit. The products are glittering in the stores, and there are so many options that you don’t know where to look or what to buy.

To help you buy better and with purpose, in this article we recommend Made in Portugal stores with different concepts in Lisbon to give your loved ones original and exclusive products.


Clothing, Footwear and Accessories

+351  brings simple but with attitude, comfortable, versatile pieces with unique textures and patterns created by designer Ana Costa, who draws inspiration from the city of Lisbon and her personal interests such as surfing, music and art.

With a roots concept, Rutz combines footwear and cork to create exotic products.

Organic patterns, unique style. Cork & Co’s cork pieces range from designer furniture to bags and accessories.

A brand with a classic but timeless style, Labrador stands out for the quality of the fabrics and products it works with and for its 100% Portuguese manufacture. It offers elegance, good taste and authenticity in shoes, ties, accessories and customized shirts, as well as tailoring services.

For the contemporary woman, Lachoix shoes offer elegance and comfort.

At Armazém das Malhas there are classics and novelties. There are timeless pieces for all tastes and wallets: sweaters, jackets, pullovers, socks, scarves and blankets, ethically made to last a lifetime.

Castilho Concept Store combines its own brands with other Portuguese labels, such as António bags, products from Antiga Barbearia de Bairro, caps and t-shirts from Imago, socks, boots and sweaters from Armazém das Malhas, aromatic candles, body moisturizers and oils from Raízes, Tian sunglasses, and bags and purses from Luê.

Maray & B. Simple are two Portuguese brands, namely shoes in a variety of colors and patterns and women’s clothing that values comfort.

Warm sweaters and coats for the coming colder seasons are destined for Mustique.

In a slow fashion concept, the production of JAK Shoes sneakers and shoes is sustainable and based on handmade, national production.



Enter the fragrant universe of Claus Porto. The brand has a portfolio of diverse products ranging from soaps, perfumes, candles, diffusers and shaving products, all with a philosophy of authenticity.


Decoration and Interior Design

Art, design, ancestry and comfort is what Burel Factory promises in its new decoration collection.

Discover unique pieces of furniture, ceramics, textiles, lamps, tapestries and illustrations at Santo Infante.

For kids, take a look at Kids R, a concept store where wooden items, minimalist furniture and educational toys stand out.



SAL Concept Store favors exclusivity, manual production and sustainability in the curation of its products. The catalog is wide-ranging and includes furniture, lighting, textiles, wallpaper, decorative pieces, living – for the table, to care for, to read or write on, for the bath, for the body, to perfume, to taste and to wear, art – ceramics, sculpture, photography, illustration, painting and prints, and jewellery.



Curated between old and new handicrafts, Depozito is a project by A Vida Portuguesa in collaboration with Portugal Manual. A store selling 100% Portuguese traditional and contemporary handicrafts.


Various Traditional Products

Old, genuine and delicious Portuguese products. A Vida Portuguesa products are part of the memory of a country’s daily life. Jewelry, embroidery, earthenware, aluminum, perfumery, stationery, bookstores, toys and a wide range of cleaning, hygiene and food products. Find the perfect gift for all your family and friends.

Distinctive design in high-quality pieces, for all tastes and all types of table, at attractive prices, at Cerâmicas na Linha.

Lisbon art in the form of products. We’re talking about Lisbon Craft, a store that shows Portuguese and foreigners the quality of Portuguese production combined with tradition and originality, which define the brand’s various products: popular and colorful like the capital’s most famous symbol, the sardine.



Who doesn’t love bonbons, chocolate bars and macaroons? Chocolataria Equador is 100% handmade, with exotic inspirations. Choose national flavors, such as port wine or sour cherry, or surprise yourself with passion fruit or mango flavors. The elegant packaging, which has been thought out in detail, adds the final touch and fills the recipient’s eyes before they even open it.


Stationery, Books and Gifts

Our last tip is Note! from the stationery, books and gifts sector, with original products that appeal to everyone.


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