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Nooks and crannies of Lisbon – green spaces

Today’s article is for all nature lovers. It is often necessary to take a moment away from urban tourism – and technologies – to venture on trails and breathe some fresh air. The good news is that you don’t need to go  very far, Lisbon has great trail options. Prepare your backpack and legs and take a look at four routes to follow from the lightest to the most challenging.


“Caminho do Monge” – Monks path

Apart from the contact with nature, the Monk’s Way is a route with an enigmatic beauty. It starts at the Convent of Santa Cruz dos Capuchos and reaches one of the highest points of the Serra de Sintra. In these 4.5 km you will also find the Monk’s Tholos, a collective grave built in the prehistoric period.


Biodiversity Route

In a mix of city with nature, the Biodiversity Route will amaze  you. Almost 15 km long the route begins and ends at The Vasco da Gama Garden in Belém and passes through 18 places, including moinho do Penedo, the National Palace of Ajuda and the Chapel of São Jerónimo. During the walk you will find information about the Portuguese fauna and flora.


Cresmina Dune

Integrated in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, the Cresmina Dune is the route that ends at the coast. It is a short trail, only 2 km, and the entire route is made on a wooden walkway. On the way you will find fresh water fountains, native plants and species of reptiles and birds. And get ready for a breathtaking sea view.


Cabo da Roca

Nature and history meet on this trail. Starting and ending at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe, the route passes through the Adraga Beach, the villages of Ulgueira and Almoçageme and Praia Grande, where you will find dinosaur footprints from the Cretaceous period. Take a deep breath, the walk is about 10 km long, but worth the effort.


Not only is walking an inexpensive activity due to the scarce paraphernalia necessary for its practice, but it also encourages moments of fun and direct contact with nature.


Always remember to wear comfortable clothes and adequate shoes for walking. The use of sunscreen, repellent and lots of water are essential precautions throughout the journey. And take the opportunity to take some photos of amazing landscapes with your camera.


The Hotel Portuense is at your disposal to help with more hiking tips and other outdoor walks to visit in Lisbon.