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Eco-friendly travel tips

Lisbon, the lively capital of Portugal, is well-known for its fascinating history, stunning architecture, and captivating culture. As more visitors come to this beautiful city, it’s important to consider sustainable ways to explore and enjoy all it offers.

By adopting eco-friendly practices, travellers can reduce their environmental impact while still experiencing Lisbon’s unique charm. In this article, we will discuss sustainable ways to explore and enjoy all Lisbon offers.

Sustainable Transportation

Walking or cycling

Lisbon is a great city for exploring on foot or by bike due to its compact size and charming streets. You can rent a bike from one of the city’s bike-sharing programs or join a guided cycling tour to discover hidden gems while reducing your carbon footprint.

Public transportation

When visiting Lisbon, take advantage of the city’s well-developed public transportation system, which includes trams, buses, and metro trains. Opting for public transit reduces individual car travel and eases traffic congestion and air pollution.

Eco-friendly accommodation

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

When choosing accommodations in Lisbon, prioritize environmentally responsible options that implement energy conservation, waste reduction, and water-saving initiatives. Look for eco-friendly accommodations.



Eco-hostels offer affordable yet environmentally friendly accommodations for budget-conscious travelers. These establishments often feature renewable energy sources, recycling programs, and eco-friendly amenities.


Responsible Dining

Support local, sustainable eateries

Discover Lisbon’s vibrant food scene by dining at restaurants prioritising locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Look for establishments emphasising organic produce, seasonal menus, and ethical food sourcing. 

Reduce food waste

Make better food choices by avoiding excess and single-use packaging and supporting businesses that reduce food waste through recycling, composting, and donations. 


Eco-Friendly Activities

Explore Lisbon’s green spaces

Explore Lisbon’s scenic parks, gardens, and coastal areas. Take a leisurely stroll through Parque Eduardo VII or relax by the waterfront at Parque das Nações. Both offer stunning views and a chance to connect with nature.

Participate in eco-conscious tours and activities

Choose eco-friendly tours and attractions in Lisbon, like walking tours, eco-cruises on the Tejo River, and sustainable destinations like botanical gardens and markets. This promotes environmental stewardship and a more responsible travel experience.


Exploring Lisbon in an eco-friendly way is a great way to experience the city’s beauty and culture while also minimising your environmental impact. By choosing sustainable modes of transportation, accommodations, dining options, and activities, visitors can help preserve Lisbon’s natural and cultural heritage for future generations. So, let’s embrace sustainable practices and create unforgettable memories while exploring the enchanting city of Lisbon.