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But First, Brunch!

Among the charms of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon stands out not only for its architecture and history, but also for the growing popularity of a gastronomic tradition: brunch.


Brunch is always “in”, this combination of Breakfast and Lunch has become perfect for those who don’t wake up early or who don’t have a late lunch. From avocado toast to chocolate pancakes, there is always an ideal option for all tastes.


It was born in hotels, but it was so successful that now there are spaces exclusively for brunch throughout the day.


In this article, we selected the 7 best brunches in Lisbon for all tastes.



A signature bakery, where breads are made fresh with slow fermentation dough and high quality flour. They offer a complete experience with artisanal coffee roasted on site.

The menu is designed for all tastes, consisting of a variety of brunch dishes, with different types of eggs (5€-8€). There are also avocado toasts (€11), natural yogurt with jam and granola (€4.50). Furthermore, the famous croissants stand out, winners of the national innovative pastry competition, available from €3.50. They also have the option of a full brunch menu for €19.congestion and air pollution.


Seagull Method

This modern and relaxing “all day café” was created with those looking for a hearty breakfast, working in peace or meeting friends in mind. Despite being in Lisbon, the international inspiration is very visible in the different dishes.

There is a lot of diversity on the menu, for example the innovative pancakes made with cottage cheese, accompanied by homemade caramel and fruit (€5.90), are a Ukrainian specialty, as are the eggs cooked with pita, yogurt and asparagus (€6. 70). The French toast with fruit and lemon sauce (€6.80) is also not far behind.

From 12pm to 11pm, more substantial dishes are served, such as tomato carpaccio with burrata (€5.90), mac&cheese (€5.50), meatballs with polenta (€8.50) or fish & chips (€8.90). ). To accompany them, they have smoothies (€4.50), some Portuguese wines and simple cocktails (€6).


The folks Título

Founded in Lisbon in 2022, The Folks is more than a coffee chain. It’s a celebration of breakfast, brunch and the art of exceptional coffee. Whether for a quiet brunch, breakfast before work or to enjoy an afternoon!
The menu has everything, but specialties include eggs benedict (10€), pumpkin and cottage cheese croissant (8€), turkey and bacon brioche (12€) and sweet pancakes (from 11€ ). They also offer coffee drinks, such as homemade chai latte (€5.5) and the raspberry latte (€5.5). Or the exclusive tiramisu latte (6€), lemon tart latte (6€) or pistachio latte (6€).


Comoba involves the culture of the famous Portuguese coffee bica with the creamiest innovations from other cultures, such as lattes, cappuccinos and even the famous Japanese matcha.
The food is homemade, leaving aside anything processed. Seasonal and fresh ingredients guarantee the success of this inclusive menu for different types of diets.

The menu is composed to satisfy all those looking for different cultures in one space, Matcha pancakes (€13) or Chai pancakes (€13). There are also savory options such as bica breakfast burrito (€14) or quinoa bowl (€14.6) and sweet options such as banana bread (€4) or chocolate and peanut butter brownie (€4).


Dear Breakfast

Dear breakfast in all its locations is open from 9:00 to 17:00, guaranteeing a brunch and breakfast menu for any time. Its menu definition focuses on the balance of perfect eggs, creative juices from €3.50 and cocktails from €8.00.

You can choose the full breakfast menu (€14.50) or brunch (€22.00). Their “a la carte” also doesn’t disappoint with options such as eggs benedict (€11.00), royal eggs (€12), and even Turkish eggs (€10). Avocado toast (€10.50) or broken eggs (€9.50) and their classic tacos (€11) or fish fingers katsu (€12).


This café, which opened in 2019, guarantees a good morning or a well-spent afternoon listening to good playlists. Unlike the others, it has an approach that advocates a “hangover cure” brunch, because sometimes we need a good kimchi burrito (10€) instead of a chia and mango pudding (4.5€).

From 17:00 onwards, burgers from €12 and craft beers (€3.00-4.50) dominate this inclusive space. No one is left out, vegan and gluten-free dishes are available, and your dog is also welcome.


Jac Brunch

It arose from the union of three Lisbon friends with different backgrounds and a love of brunch. Located in Príncipe Real, this café guarantees the freshest products on the local market.

The menu consists of brunch options, for example, the full menu consisting of egg, granola toast and chia bowl (€11.90), velvet pancakes (€7.90) and eggs benedict (€8.90).
And there are several options of dishes to share, such as hummus (€5.90) ​​and salmon tartare (€10.90).
It also brings the English concept “bottomless brunch” to Lisbon, which is a menu consisting of all-you-can-eat beer and juices, a main course and dessert for €29.

We hope that all these flavors and environments offer inspiration and satisfaction for a full day in Lisbon. You will certainly be well served in any of these places, but it is highly likely that you will want to come back and try all the places you didn’t try on your first visit!
Make your reservation at Hotel Portuense and discover these incredible places next time!