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The return of Tourism to Portugal

Portugal has had vastly different infection and death rates compared to neighbouring Spain.  More preparation time and people obeying confinement measures has helped Portugal manage its coronavirus outbreak.


Portugal declared a state of emergency on 18 March, just two days after the first Covid-19 death was reported.


Portugal’s lockdown has been less strict than in many European countries.  Factories and construction remained open.  Citizens have been permitted daily exercise as well as trips for food and to the pharmacy.  However most people preferred to stay at home.


We are all aware that until there is vaccine available on the market we must learn to live with this virus.


Portugal is relatively more isolated than other European countries and its population is less dense, limiting routes through which the virus could enter the country as well as reducing transmission within its borders.


However, being Tourism an important part of the country’s GDP, the Government through the institution Turismo de Portugal, made mandatory a “Safe&Clean” Certification, which complies every hotels and other agents assuring the safety of returning to business.


So, when a business has this certification, it is an assurance that they have taken all the necessary precautions – proper cleaning and disinfecting of the linen as well as all the surfaces and floors of their premises, plus following any other specifications to ensure there is no propagation of the virus.


Please be ensured that as always Portugal will be doing everything within our power to keep you safe in our comfort.


Looking forward to welcoming all of our visitors again!  Safe and Clean!