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Discovering the churches of Lisbon

Lisbon has many tourist attractions, and there is no shortage of what to do. The hardest thing is to choose among such variety.


The churches are interesting tourist spots, for the history they reveal in their architecture and style, in the art they exhibit or even in their location. But in addition to the famous Cathedral or Monastery of Jeronimos, Lisbon has much more to offer in this area.

So in this article, we will tell you about 6 beautiful churches that are really worth visiting:


  1. Church of the Child of God

This church located very close to the Castle of St. George, was built shortly before the earthquake of 1755, having resisted it practically unscathed. In addition to its grandeur, the details on the ceilings and the various paintings inside are points worthy of a visit.


  1. St. Domingos Church

Located in the eponymous square, this church is one of the oldest in Lisbon, having been ordered to be erected by King D. Sancho II. It has already experienced floods and earthquakes, which has earned it some restoration interventions. In 1959 a violent fire devastated the interior, and this time it’s restoration was unusual to say the least: it was decided not to restore the paintings, and to leave the carved figures deformed and the stones broken. Combined with its imposing architecture, this is a church a little different from the others.


  1. Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

This church very close to the Marquess of Pombal, is much newer than most of this list. However, its style is unique and unmistakable: built in a model of the primitive Roman church, concrete is its main element. In 1975, it won the prestigious Valmor Prize.


  1. St. Vincent of Fora Church

The Church and Monastery of São Vicente de Fora is one of the mandatory points in the Alfama area. It is said that D. Afonso Henriques camped in this place with his men, when conquering Lisbon in 1147, ordering the  erection of  a primitive temple here. However, the construction of this church only began in 1582. The artistic estate inside is rich with works of painting, sculpture and more than 100,000 decorated tiles from the Baroque period.


  1. Santa Catarina Church

The Church of Santa Catarina in Chiado is a typical example of Baroque architecture, and rococo style: its numerous details in the vastness of gilded carving that adorn it, in combination with the paintings and the vaulted ceiling, also decorated with paintings, make this church one of the most beautiful of its kind.


  1. St. Roque Church

At the turn of the 16th century, this little-populated place was used as a cemetery for the victims of the plague. Thus, in 1506, the local people erected a hermitage in devotion to Sao Roque here, the saint who had miraculously healed, and quickly became a place of worship and pilgrimage. As Europe continued to be plagued by successive waves of plague, King Manuel I requested a relic of the saint, whose remains were in the Church of St. Roque in Venice. The Doge satisfied D.Manuel’s request, and the relic was brought to this place. Later, the church was donated to the Society of Jesus, which made it its headquarters, and one of the most imposing and luxurious churches in Portugal.


These are some Churches that we suggest you visit, as there are many more throughout the city. But one thing is certain: you will not lack of things to do or places to visit when you come to Lisbon and stay at the Hotel Portuense