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The 7 best viewpoints of Lisbon

Lisbon is known as the The City of the Seven Hills!


Portugal’s ancient capital city of Lisbon can boast to be one of the world’s oldest cities, Lisbon even pre-dates other European cities like Rome and London by centuries.


Lisbon was embellished by the Romans, who called it Olissipo, evoking the seven hills of Rome in this beautiful place.  These hills really do add to the appeal to all its splendor.


The seven giant viewpoints being – São Jorge, São Vicente, São Roque, Graça, Santa Catarina, Chagas and Sant’Ana – all of these visible from the river.


São Jorge – The second highest after Graça.  This is where the village that originated Lisbon was founded  The name of the castle was dedicated to saint patron of the knights, in a manner of thanking the protection during the crusade.


São Vicente – one of the patron saints of the capital.  The two crows that accompanied the body of the martyr during his travel from Valencia to Portugal.  These were later adapted as the coat of arms of Lisbon.


Sant’Ana . the most central elevation in Lisbon, defined by the ancient sea beds of river Valverde and Arroios, where nowadays stands Avenida da Liberdade.


Graça – became the favourite place for the nobles to build their houses and nowadays it’s represented by the streets of Graça and Calçada de Santo André.  Walking around you will still be able to find traces and ruins of some of the big houses and palaces built back then.


Chagas – name given to the enormous inclination that leads to Largo do Carmo. The name comes from the church of Sacred wounds (Igreja das Chagas) a building made to tribute the wounds of Christ and the difficulties of the Portuguese sailors when travelling to India in the 16th century.


Santa Catarina – The hill embraces the inclination between Largo Camões to Calçada do Combro.  At its peak there is the Pharmacy Museum and the viewpoint also known as Adamastor because of its statue (monster described in the epic “Os Lusiadas” by Luis Camões)


São Roque – This comprehends the Bairro Alto area – top neighbourhood for nightlife and artistic gatherings.  The most beautiful and visited viewpoint, São Pedro de Alcântara just after the church of São Roque (patron of the invalids and the surgeon doctors and made a saint for his help to the Black Plague victims in the 14th century which ended up killing him).


Lisbon is a feast of historic wonders but there are also the trendy clubs, quirky shops and gourmet bites that belong to the city’s modern, creative flair.  Get set for endless surprises in between mouthfuls of amazing food and delicious wines.