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The best apps to plan a trip

As summer approaches and restrictions are starting to ease, nothing better than planning your next trip.


In order to do that, your phone occupies a place of prominence, increasingly used for the search and planning of any trip. Today, there are countless travel apps available that make these tasks easier for us. In this article, learn about some of the best to organize your trips in advance.




One of the most interesting and popular apps to compare flights, hotels and car rental prices. You have the option to add more than one destination location, and it indicates suggestions for locations or routes taking into account the departure location. It is very complete, by showing the best prices for the flights you are looking for allowing immediate booking. If you also want to keep track of price changes, just trigger automatic notifications. Available for Android and iOS version.



It allows you to compare the prices of airline tickets to any destination. It is well known and can find and book flights simply and immediately. Using a calendar, you can select the cheapest or cheapest periods to travel. Available  for  Android  and iOS version.


Other Transport applications

Google Maps

Perhaps the best known app for any trip. In addition to indicating the best and fastest car routes, it also informs you about all routes by public transport or pedestrians. So if you’re visiting a country or city for the first time and don’t know how to get to a certain location, use Google Maps. Available for Android and iOS version.



Another app that is quite useful for any trip is Uber. You can request easy and fast transportation at any time. It allows you to access the driver’s profile, evaluate the service and pay through the app, without resorting to physical money. It is available in many cities and countries, a little all over the world. Available on android and iOS version.




It is the best known accommodation booking site in the world that lets you choose, compare and book in any corner of the world! It is very practical and safe, having the option of free cancellation as an option in most stays. You can also filter by budget, type of accommodation, booking conditions, among others. It also has several options such as car rental, taxis, flights and tourist attractions. Available for Android and iOS.



It is a private property rental platform for short-term accommodation, well known among travelers. It allows you to access reviews of other users, who are in turn evaluated by the owner of the accommodation at the end of their stay. It is complete and the whole process of accommodation and payment is simple. It also allows direct communication with the owner. The app is free for Android and iOS versions.


Planning and Leisure


A good way to plan a trip, taking into account comments and reviews from other travelers is to use Trip Advisor. It allows access to information and feedback about various locations, hotels, restaurants and all kinds of tourist attractions. Available for free for iOS and Android.


Pack Point

It works in a very simple and intuitive way when calculating the items you need to put in your suitcase based on gender, weather and planned activities. All you need to do is to indicate other trip details, such as destination, day of arrival, number of nights and the reason for the trip. A useful way for nothing to be forgotten at home. Available on Android and IOS.


Remember that you must plan your trip in advance, taking into account the information about the restrictions of each country, in order to be as relaxing as possible. Thus, like these apps, the Hotel Portuense also wants to facilitate your trip with the best tourist attractions, the organization of your stay and your trips.