Lisbon Off The Beaten Path: Hidden Gems and Local Favorites Hotel Portuense

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Lisbon Off The Beaten Path: Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

Discover Lisbon beyond the popular tourist attractions! In this article, we will reveal the hidden treasures and locals’ favorites in the charming city of Lisbon. Let us guide you through an authentic and enriching journey through the Portuguese capital.


Bairro da Graça (Graça District)

One of Lisbon’s best-kept secrets, Bairro da Graça, offers breathtaking city views and an authentic atmosphere. Walk the winding streets, visit the Graça Church, and enjoy a coffee in one of the local cafes with terraces and a panoramic view.


Jardim Botto Machado

Situated on Lisbon’s waterfront, this charming garden is a peaceful haven away from the crowds. Here, you can enjoy a picnic amidst lush nature, admire the views of the Tagus River, and relax while reading a book under the shade of the trees.


LX Market

Visit Cais do Sodré to find LX Market, a market that is a real treasure trove for lovers of antiques and vintage objects. Explore the stalls filled with retro clothing, antique furniture, rare books, and so much more. Who knows what treasure you will find?


Monsanto Panoramic Viewpoint

Located at the top of Monsanto Forest Park, this viewpoint offers breathtaking panoramic views of Lisbon. Head there to enjoy a stunning sunset while admiring the city’s splendor.



Belcanto is located in the heart of Chiado and is a Michelin star-awarded restaurant with a refined and innovative gastronomic experience. Under the leadership of renowned chef José Avillez, Belcanto combines the tradition of Portuguese cuisine with contemporary techniques, resulting in haute cuisine dishes that delight the most demanding palates. The elegant and cozy atmosphere creates the perfect setting for a memorable meal. Each plate is carefully prepared and presented as a work of art!


Jardim Botânico da Ajuda

Near the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, the Jardim Botânico da Ajuda is a true green paradise in the heart of Lisbon. This tranquil space offers a variety of plants, exotic flowers, and centennial trees that provide a perfect environment for walking, resting, and enjoying nature. Go for a visit and explore the different paths, discover secret corners, and enjoy the breathtaking views over the city.


When you stay at Hotel Portuense, you are well-positioned to experience the best Lisbon offers. Allow yourself to dive into the unknown and discover the enchanting secrets of this incredible place!