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Why Sintra is a must-see tourist attraction

A natural paradise and UNESCO World Heritage Site, just 40 minutes by train from Rossio in Lisbon, the village of Sintra nestles on one of the slopes of the Serra de Sintra and remains unchanged in its peacefulness and beauty.

Let yourself fall in love with this idyllic and romantic village.


Sintra National Palace

Start your visit in the historic centre of the town of Sintra, at Praça da República, where you’ll find the National Palace of Sintra, the country’s most important royal palace. The Moorish terrace and the painted ceilings in various rooms are noteworthy. The palace has been home to some of Portugal’s most prominent figures in the arts and literature, including Luís de Camões, Gil Vicente, João de Barros and Luísa Sigea, among others.


Moorish Castle

Located 3.5 km from the historic centre, on Estrada da Pena, the Moorish Castle dates back to the beginning of the Moorish occupation of the peninsula in the 8th century. To get there, climb the Serra de Sintra to contemplate its unique, mystical beauty, with its huge trees vying with flowers, moss and ivy, all rare species in the remaining of Portugal.


Pena National Palace

Visit the scenic Palácio da Pena, a prime example of romantic Portuguese architecture with oriental motifs, Gothic towers, Renaissance and Manueline details, filled with riches and beautiful collections from the period, such as the largest Portuguese collection of antique tiles.


Seteais Palace

An 18th century palace converted into an elegant and luxurious hotel.


Monserrate Palace and Estate

4 km from the historic centre, Monserrate Palace, built in 1856, is not open to the public, but you can visit its lush gardens.


Quinta da Regaleira

Located in the historic centre of Sintra, Quinta da Regaleira, built in the beginning of the 20th century, has a romantic revival style that combines Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance elements, but also a lot of esoteric symbolism, making it one of the most enigmatic and mystical places in Sintra.


Quinta da Ribafria

Built in 1541, Quinta da Ribafria is located next to the mountains, in the Lourel area, and has numerous green areas, leafy trees and a beautiful manor house.




2 km from the historic centre, in S. Pedro de Sintra, you’ll find the Vigia viewpoint, from where you can look out over three hills in the Serra: on the left, the Castle of S. Gregório; on the right, the Moorish Castle; and in the centre, the Pena Palace.


Cruz Alta

4 km from the historic centre, in the Park of Pena, the Cruz Alta viewpoint is the highest point in the Serra de Sintra (529 metres).


Azenhas do Mar

14 km from the historic centre, on the Sintra coast, the Azenhas do Mar viewpoint is a stunning setting for a spectacular selfie.


Cabo da Roca

Located at the end of the Serra de Sintra, 18 km from the historic centre, Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point on the European continent.



Queijadas, Travesseiros, Pastéis de Sintra, Nozes Douradas and Fofos de Belas. Leitão dos Negrais, Carne de Porco à Moda das Mercês. Sea bream and sea bass. Saloio bread, baked in a wood oven. Wines from Colares (Ramisco).