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A different way of seeing Lisbon – by tram

A different way to discover Lisbon is through the picturesque trams that reveal themselves as the ideal transport to get to know some of the most interesting sites of architectural and historical heritage, or simply to stroll around the city.


The tram network in Lisbon was inaugurated in 1872, still dependent on animal traction at that time, and at the beginning of the 20th century it was electrified.

Due to its versatility and lack of alternatives, the network expanded until the late 1950s, when the Lisbon Underground was inaugurated.


From the 1990s, with the significant increase in population and consequent increase in automobile traffic, trams lost their importance within the city mobility, suffering a retraction of the network.


However, due to some winding and steep routes in the city, which the new models are unable to follow, in 1995 and 1996 there was a refurbishment of the old models, preserving the original bodywork of the 1930s.


Nowadays, there are still some routes in these classic models, which offer a different view of the city, allowing one to reach some relevant touristic points of Lisbon:


Route 12

One of the shortest routes, flanking the hill of The St. George Castle; despite being local, departing from Martim Moniz, it also passes through Rua da Prata, Rua da Madalena, Sé de Lisboa and Praça da Figueira, making it a very attractive route if you are limited for time.


Route 18

Departing from Cais do Sodré, this route takes you to Ajuda, the neighborhood just above Belém. A good way to get to the Ajuda Botanical Garden or the Ajuda National Palace.


Route 24

This route connects Praça Luís de Camões to Campolide, passing the Glória lift, Príncipe Real, Rato and Amoreiras along the way.


Route 25

This route is excellent for tourists: departing from Praça da Figueira, to its final destination in Campo de Ourique, it goes through Downtown via Rua da Prata to Praça do Comércio, going to the cais do Sodré, Bica, Santos area, and passing through Lapa and Basílica da Estrela.


Route 28

This is the most popular trip of the tram routes: its route is long, serving various areas of the city, starting at Martim Moniz and ending in Campo de Ourique next to the Cemetery of Pleasures. Baixa, Graça, Sé, Alfama, Largo Camões – at the gates of Bairro Alto, to Estrela and Campo de Ourique, on this trip you will discover some of the most picturesque streets and squares of the medieval area of the city, passing through numerous tourist attractions.


Indulge yourself in this unforgettable experience, strolling around Lisbon to the sound of a tram with its characteristic bumps. There are several stops very close to the Portuense Hotel, which our staff will be happy to indicate.