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Top 5 Brunch Spots in Lisbon

Brunch: British expression that unites the words “breakfast” and “lunch”. This meal is compared often to a strengthened breakfast or light lunch, and although it didn’t gain popularity recently, more places are offering them. Food lovers, if you can’t resist a good brunch, keep reading and discover our top 5 brunch spots in Lisbon!


Seagull Method Cafe

Situated in Príncipe Real, Seagull Method Cafe is the first of the best brunches in Lisbon that we present to you. Its giant window, combined with a simple decoration and stone-covered walls, make this a minimalist and cozy place that you should try.

Its menu includes comfort food and food of the world, like traditional homemade granola and fruit, but also burgers or eggs with bacon for the truly hungry. Since the owners of this space are Ukrainian, you will also find proposals that reflect their culture in their food.

Location: Rua da Palmeira 23 | 1200-314 Lisbon


Fauna Flora

A cozy atmosphere and fresh ingredients mark Fauna & Flora‘s image.

As its name implies, the restaurant decor has lots of plants and flowers, and the menu gives preference to healthy cuisine, with vegetarian and other options made with organic and biological products. This diversified menu includes natural juices, granola, pancakes, stuffed bagels, brioche bread, and mini burgers. A variety that will make you eat and cry for more!

Located in Santos and the Anjos area, this is one of the top 5 best brunch spots in Lisbon that you should visit.

Fauna & Flora Santos: Rua da Esperança 33 | 1200-655 Lisbon
Fauna & Flora Anjos: Rua Febo Moniz 27A | 1150-152 Lisbon


Maria Food Hub

Inspiring and seasonally thought-out cuisine is the motto of the Maria Food Hub.

This multipurpose space located in Anjos celebrates local, fresh and tasty food. Ingredients are carefully selected at Maria Food Hub and prepared in a healthy and sustainable manner.

You can choose from three brunch menus, but there are many more delicacies like guacamole toast and grilled avocado or their hot chocolate, all of which you should try.

Location: Rua Maria Andrade 38 | 1170-216 Lisbon


Dear Breakfast

At Dear Breakfast, you will find perfectly cooked eggs, exquisite coffee, and a delicious juice that will make you want to start every day with it. Even their lights and decor encourage a peaceful start to the day, and you can smell the wonderful whiff of coffee and pastries when entering.

Their dishes create a seasonal menu of locally sourced ingredients for a brunch that will keep you satisfied all day. There are sweet or savory pancakes, croissants, granola, mimosas, and sparkling wine to choose from! It is a great place for brunch, where you can indulge in a bold yet delicious menu.

The Dear Breakfast kitchen is open in three locations in Lisbon, simply to make the brunch lovers’ life easier.

Dear Breakfast Bica: Rua das Gaivotas 17 | 1200-337 Lisbon
Dear Breakfast Chiado: Calçada São Francisco 35 | 1200-201 Lisbon
Dear Breakfast Alfama: Largo de Santo António da Sé 16 | 1100-499 Lisbon


Oui Mais Non

Combining classic and contemporary decor, Oui Mais Non mixes bourgeois tones with punk style. It is a very comfortable space with a service that is personalized and is also very nice.

Here you can find an extensive menu full of good things to try, from the traditional American pancakes or eggs Benedict to their delicious macarons.

Oui Mais Non also includes a delicious surprise! Their very Instagrammable dessert, the Oui Mais Non Volcano, is a kind of union of a cake and pudding that will leave your mouth watering.

Location: Avenida da Liberdade 180, Shop 5A (in Tivoli Fórum)


We hope that all these flavors and environments will offer you inspiration and satisfaction for a full day in the Portuguese capital. You will certainly be well served in any of these places, but we would say that it is very likely that you will want to come back and try all the delicacies you missed on your first visit! 

So, book your reservation at Hotel Portuense and experience all our top 5 brunch spots in Lisbon!