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Lisbon Travel Tips

If you are traveling to the Portuguese capital soon and looking for the best travel tips, this article is for you! 


In Lisbon, there are many beautiful places like history and monuments, lively neighborhoods, and restaurants with excellent food.

And because we want you to make the most of your trip, we have put together this list of travel tips to help you plan your visit to Lisbon.


Choose carefully which season you will visit

Most people like to visit Lisbon during Summer vacations. However, if you don’t get along with the heat and prefer a mild temperature, the months of June or September are excellent for making this trip. During this period you can still wear shorts and dresses without worrying about too much heat.

If you prefer the cooler months for travel, you can also visit Lisbon in the Winter! The Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve parties are spectacular if you’re having a romantic getaway or coming with family.


Comfortable shoes are a must

Since Lisbon is known as the city of seven hills, you will walk up and down a lot no matter where you go.

The streets are old, and the sidewalk is mostly cobblestone and very uneven. For this reason, you should choose to bring flat, comfortable shoes in your suitcase. It is the way to go in Lisbon!


Transportation in Lisbon

It is easy to get around Lisbon by public transportation, but there are always differences from other European capitals. If you want to use only public transportation we advise you to buy the VivaViagem card. This card is reusable and works in the metro, buses, trains, and boats. If you prefer another way to get around, cabs and tuk-tuks are always available, or you can use the UBER app.


Visit the miradouros (viewpoints) for the best views of the city

As we mentioned above, Lisbon is the city of the seven hills and, as a result, scenic miradouros are everywhere.

Discovering these places is something you shouldn’t miss; fortunately, you don’t have to find them because Lisbon will tell you where to go. If you see a sign that says “Miradouro” which means you are near one of them. Follow it to enjoy the views!

For a more romantic atmosphere, go at night so you can enjoy the night views.


Treat yourself to the best food

Lisbon has many places where you can eat amazing meals, from snack restaurants to fine dining. Because of its miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is a paradise for seafood lovers, but carnivores also have plenty to indulge in. Try some good sardines, a traditional Portuguese codfish recipe, and Caldo Verde for a comforting and typically Portuguese meal.

If you don’t know where to start, check out our suggestions of the five best restaurants in Lisbon, where you can find options for all tastes.


Buy your tickets in advance

If you have it in your plans to visit some of the more touristy places like the Sintra Palace during high season, it’s best to buy your tickets whenever you can from the online ticket office.

These places fill up fast, and although in Lisbon you won’t find queues as long as in Paris or Rome, it is always risky to wait until the last minute.


Consider buying a Lisboa Card

The Lisboa Card is a great option if you plan to visit many monuments and museums in Lisbon that charge an entrance fee. If you’re planning to visit several attractions that this card gives access to, it will save you money and make your trip easier.

The advantages of the card are numerous and include:

  • Unlimited free travel on the Lisbon Metro, buses, streetcars, and funiculars of the CARRIS lines. It also includes CP Train to Sintra, Cascais, and the south bank of the Tagus River;
  • Offers and discounts on sightseeing, full-day, and half-day excursions, shopping, and nightlife;
  • Free entrance to 35 places of interest, including Lisbon’s main monuments and attractions such as the Tower of Belém;
  • Besides the discount vouchers, you also receive a city guide with information about Lisbon (such as the opening hours of the attractions).

You can find more information about Lisboa Card and buy yours online here.


Book your reservation at Hotel Portuense and make the most of our tips for a trip to Lisbon!